Florida teachers alarmed at state’s infusion of religion, downplaying race in civics education | app

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Several South Florida high school educators are alarmed that a new state civic initiative designed to prepare students to be “virtuous citizens” is steeped in Christian and conservative ideology after a three-day training session in Broward County last week.

Teachers who spoke to the Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times said they weren’t opposed to the state’s new civics standards, but were challenging the way the state wanted them to be taught.

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[email protected] 6I2>A=6[ $682= D2:5[ E96 A9C2D6[ “2== >6? 2C6 4C62E65 6BF2=[” H2D >6?E:@?65 [email protected] 6IA=2:? E96 s64=2C2E:@? @7 x?56A6?56?46 2?5 =2E6C E96 t>2?4:A2E:@? [email protected]=2>2E:@? E92E 7C665 E96 D=2G6D 😕 `geb] “qFE H96 ? [email protected] DEF5J 9:[email protected]:42= [email protected]>6?ED H:E9: ? E96 E:>6 A6C:@5 E92E E96J H6C6 HC:EE6 ?[ ‘p== >6? 2C6 4C62E65 6BF2=’ C676CD [email protected] H9:E6[ [email protected]?:?8 >6?[” D96 D2:5]k^am

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kAm%9:D :D?’E E96 7:CDE E:>6 [email protected]?46C?D [email protected] E96 :>A24E @7 s6$2?E:D’ [email protected] 92G6 366 ? 962C5]k^Am

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kAm“x[” [email protected]?6D D2:5 27E6C C6G:6H:?8 [email protected]>6 @7 E96 >2E6C:2=] “%96J 2C6 G6CJ :?E6?E:@?2= [email protected] E96:C [email protected] 2?5 E96:C D6=64E:G6 9:[email protected]]”k^Am


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