Mexican companies Bimbo and Gruma temporarily close their factories in Ukraine

Mexico City, Mexico — Grupo Bimbo will temporarily suspend operations at its factory in Dnipro, Ukraine. The Mexican company said it decided to close the plant to protect its 150 workers in the conflict zone.

The Mexican company specified that the operations had already been stopped for four days, at the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. “The highest priority is the safety of each employee in all operations taking place around the world,” he said in a brief statement on Sunday.

The company said it would do everything in its power to support teams at the bakery in Ukraine, located in the town of Dnipro, just 260 kilometers from the Donetsk region, the epicenter of the conflict.

Since 2017, Grupo Bimbo has had a presence in Ukraine through Bimbo QSR, an organization responsible for bakery and the supply of bakery products for fast food restaurants.

Gruma, a Mexican multinational manufacturer of corn flour and tortillas, was also affected. The Mexican company, headquartered in San Pedro, Nuevo León, says it too had to close one of its factories in Ukraine.

Gruma, which uses the port of Odessa to ship its products to at least nine countries in the region, has about 500 Ukrainian employees.